Zororo PhumulaniAbout Us

Company Overview

ZPZororo-Phumulani, a licenced and authourised Financial Services Provider (FSP 48558) is Powered by Doves Zimbabwe. We are a juristic representative and administered by SA Life Benefits FSP 27738, and being underwritten by African Unity FSP 8447. Doves Crocker Morgans was established in 1902 by David John Morgan, a wheelwright and blacksmith,Doves Morgan Funeral Services, was the first professional funeral services establishment in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia). 110 years later, Doves Holdings now comprises four strategic business units (SBUs) specialising in the provision of dignified funeral services and funeral assurance products nationwide and globally. Doves Holdings also boast of the country’s two major giants in coffins and caskets manufacturing, in both solid wood and steel.

Apart from being the preferred funeral service provider for State Funerals, we have arisen to be the unparalleled leader in the funeral services industry in Zimbabwe and the Sub-Saharan Region, providing repatriation services to our clients in South Africa. We pride ourselves in on our team of dedicated professionals and leadership, who are committed to provide greater services and care to our clients.


To be the unparalleled leader in the Funeral Services Industry in Zimbabwe and the Sub- Saharan Region.


To provide swift, professional and high quality services in a manner that is dignified, supportive and comforting through service excellence and sensitivity to the needs of our Stakeholders.

Our Values

  • We are Swift and Efficient at all times
  • We are Polite at all times
  • We have Respect for all religions at all times
  • In our book, the Customer is King / Queen at all times
  • We maintain Cleanliness at all times
  • We give Equal opportunities for all at all times
  • We believe strongly in Gender equality at all times
  • We have Integrity at all times
  • We have Love for our environment at all times
  • We give back to our community at all times